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Schrödinger Licenses PIPER from Acpharis

Acpharis has granted a license to Schrödinger for the use of the PIPER protein-protein docking in their new biologics program BioLuminate. PIPER is a state of the art protein-protein docking program licensed to Acpharis by Boston University.

By partnering with Schrödinger, Acpharis is able to bring PIPER to market as part of a full-featured biologics design package with high quality homology modeling, loop prediction, and residue mutation tools. Alongside these features, Schrödinger brings a graphical interface to allow the user to easily use PIPER, and the ability to easily plug PIPER into workflows with compatibility to Schrödinger’s own tools.

Visit Schrödinger to learn more about BioLuminate

With experts in protein-protein docking who have extensive experience modeling macromolecular complexes, Acpharis is uniquely situated to aid in custom solutions for biologics design using PIPER. Our team can assist in modeling complexes, develop custom software for particular projects or problems, and provide extensive insight into biologics design. Read more about PIPER.