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Acpharis Secures Exclusive License to Biologics Design Software from Boston University

Boston University and Holliston-based software firm Acpharis today announced an exclusive license agreement in which Acpharis will commercialize Boston University’s PIPER protein-protein docking program. PIPER allows the computational prediction of the bound structure of two proteins when they interact with each other. PIPER has been licensed to Acpharis Inc to further the development of the technology and to provide support for use in pharmaceutical companies.

The past decade has seen explosive growth in knowledge of the protein-protein interaction networks that underlie many diseases. A critical missing link in understanding of these networks, and how particular interactions lead to diseased states, is knowledge of the structure of the protein-protein complex behind an interaction. Detailed atomic level structures of complexes can provide key information for the development of treatments for a wide variety of diseased states.

Additionally, protein-based biologics have become an increasingly important tool in the treatment of disease. PIPER provides a critical tool in Acpharis’s arsenal to help companies design and optimize these biologics.

About Acpharis — Acpharis is a Holliston-based software company with an expertise in computational modeling of protein-protein interactions. Their proprietary and licensed technologies allow companies to both design biologics and analyze the tractability of drugging protein-protein interactions with small molecules.

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