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Acpharis Awarded STTR with Boston University for GPU-Accelerated Protein-Protein Docking

On September 28, Acpharis was awarded an STTR in collaboration with Martin Herbordt at Boston University to accellerate protein-protein docking using graphical processing units (GPUs). As the clock rate of processors has plateaued, the increase in computing power has largely moved to making code more parallel. GPUs have thousands of streaming processors which can run in parallel. Moving to these new processors should result in highly accelerating the algorithms contained in Piper. Acpharis is highly excited to work with Professor Herbordt, who is an expert in high performance computing at Boston University and has previously collaborated with members of Acpharis on moving molecular simulation algorithms to FPGAs and GPUs. As always, Piper is available as part of the BioLuminate suite from Schrödinger.