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Acpharis Awarded SBIR for Biologics Research

On September 5, Acpharis was awarded an SBIR to produce “Software for Modeling and Optimization of Protein Therapeutics”. Building on Acpharis’s expertise in the protein-protein docking space, this grant will allow Acpharis to produce biologics tools that will allow better homology modeling and optimization of therapeutics under development at pharmaceutical companies.

Acpharis Awarded STTR with Boston University for GPU-Accelerated Protein-Protein Docking

On September 28, Acpharis was awarded an STTR in collaboration with Martin Herbordt at Boston University to accellerate protein-protein docking using graphical processing units (GPUs). As the clock rate of processors has plateaued, the increase in computing power has largely moved to making code more parallel. GPUs have thousands of streaming processors which can run in parallel. Moving to these new processors should result in highly accelerating the algorithms contained in Piper.

Acpharis CSO to Give Short Course at “Discovery on Target”

On September 30, Acpharis CSO, Sandor Vajda, will jointly present a short course with Adrian Whitty, Associate Professor of Chemistry at Boston University, on “Understanding and Targeting Protein-Protein Interactions.” Acpharis’s exclusive license to PIPER for protein-protein docking and expertise in applying computational solvent mapping to protein-protein interaction targets give it the tools to probe these interfaces and understand the underlying biophysical mechanisms that allow the development of methods to address this novel class of targets.