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Istvan Enyedy to Speak About Atlas at Drug Discovery Chemistry Conference

Acpharis's collaborator Istvan Enyedy will present a talk on "The Use of Solvent Mapping for Improving Docking and Scoring" in the Kinase Inhibitor track of the Drug Discovery Chemistry conference in San Diego on April 24. Istvan has done exciting work on combining the results of solvent mapping with the use of docking software from OpenEye.

Istvan's abstract is reproduced below:

Encounter Complexes in Protein-Protein Association

Acpharis's scientists published an exciting paper in eLife today on using Acpharis's protein-protein docking program, Piper, to model encounter complexes in protein-protein association. While crystal structures provide a static image of proteins interacting, which can be useful in optimizing biologics design, understanding the association pathway to this complex is equally important for obtaining a full picture of the physical basis of complex formation.

Congrats to Eric Chen

Congrats to Eric Chen of San Diego on winning the grand prize in Google Science Fair. Eric performed what appears to be an amazing amount of work, both computationally and experimentally, to discover novel influenza endonuclease inhibitors.