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Acpharis CSO to Speak at Schrödinger User Meeting

Acpharis CSO Sandor Vajda will speak next Tuesday at Schrödinger’s Boston User Meeting on “Recent advances in protein-protein docking.” Acpharis has a strong partnership with
Schrödinger has made Piper, our protein-protein docking software, available as part of the BioLuminate Suite.

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Acpharis Awarded SBIR for Development of Covalent Fragments

Covalent drugs represent a significant portion of current pharmaceuticals, with the top 26 having sales of over $30B in the US alone. While in the past target-directed drug discovery projects rarely pursued covalent binders due to safety concerns, the industry is increasingly investing in the use of targeted covalent inhibitors (TCIs) that utilize soft reactive warheads, weak electrophiles that become locally reactive only in the context of the topology of a binding site.

FTMap Used to Draw Insight into How Proteins Bind Macrocycles

In an article published online today in Nature Chemical Biology, computational solvent mapping was used to provide insight into how proteins bind macrocycles. The arrangement of hot spots in proteins targeted by conventional drugs were compared to those drugged by macrocycles. This analysis showed that while the binding sites of large macrocycles have a similar number of hot spots as those of conventionally druggable proteins, these hot spots were spaced further apart.